Sunday, January 18, 2009

Opposition in the family...

Two members of the Greenstreet Family watch football, yell, groan and cheer as the team of their choice either performs well or gets clobbered on the field. "They can't hear you dad." is oft remarked when an umpire makes a bad call and the Greenstreet fans get mouthy.

Choosing the team to root may involve the study of player history, coaching style, complicated bracketed team statistics or sometimes just settling on the underdog. Occasionally the picking of favorites pits one family member against another where opinions differ and competition insues.

The season we find ourselves a divided family with dad on the side of the Ravens and Jensen hoping the Steelers send the metal right through the guts of the opposition. All's fair in Love and War -- and this is War.

Earlier this week dad left me a note to not forget to buy tissue for Jensen since he'd need it after Sunday's game and later Jensen enlisted my help in making spirit signs with the logos of both Ravens and Steelers. He had me make one for dad as well.

We got Chicos Salsa Fresca and Chips -- essential football fare and we got familial rivelry. Both parties promised not to fight during or after the game -- trash talking okay.

The tissue will be available for either spectator.

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Anonymous said...

Regan told us about these signs today. You are such a fun Mom! That is so funny!!!!