Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not to be Redundant...

Someone tagged me on Face Book for twenty five random things about me. I am republishing them here for posterity not to be redundant.

  • There are times when I take things too personal which probably explains why I take criticism so poorly and why satisfaction with my own work is rarely achieved. (Just getting the depressing random fact out of the way first)

  • I have had fourteen surgeries which may leave you wondering which actual body parts or organs are left -- at my age only the necessary ones.

  • I would be Gospel Doctrine Teacher for the rest of my life if they’d let me and fully aware that writing it here pretty much guarantees that I’ll never get the calling again.

  • I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue – If you don’t believe me I’ll prove it the next time I eat a banana split in front of you.

  • Speaking of which, I have made myself sick eating too much ice cream on more than one occasion. I worked at Baskin Robbins during high school in the 70’s.

  • I almost cut off my left index finger with the hedge trimmer requiring eight stitches. I lost my toten chip that day.

  • I have a concealed firearms permit for the state of Washington that is tucked in the pocket right next to the Glock 26 pistol I carry in my purse. I just finished the Utah conceal class with my husband last weekend which will allow me to carry concealed in more than thirty states. Let’s go on vacation.

  • Although my children are athletes excelling in their sports of choice I am probably one of the most uncoordinated people you’ll ever meet. I have been known to trip over the curb on a walk.

  • Once at Carmichael Hill I rode on the back of a sled with my eyes closed. (Lest you think me a total idiot, my son was on the front eyes wide open) I finally looked as I was flying through the air -- headed straight for shoulder surgery. Bad lapse of judgment to take that ride. I am banned from any activity that includes skis, sleds, tubes, ice or snow with the exception of shoveling it.

  • I have more than fifteen different sized blank labels in my office all of which I use. I love office supplies.

  • I have owned my own business for almost twelve years working exclusively from home. At one point my gross income was more than my husband’s.

  • I change my mind a lot which I have found can be expensive.

  • I once told my husband, when our children were small, that I would rather be a prostitute than run a daycare. Today I would rather not have the extra money and do neither.

  • I love crusty Italian bread, cold unsalted butter and very slightly sweetened hot chocolate for breakfast. It reminds me of Italy

  • I have the best recipe for REAL Italian spaghetti sauce and it requires wine which I have never considered to be an issue in my cooking until one of my children drank it. Just for the record they didn’t like the taste of it. Now if I want to make the recipe I double it and then throw the extra wine away.

  • I have had one and only one best friend in my life and she remains my best friend to this day. Now don’t worry that I don’t love my husband best – I’m talking about a best girl friend here. She knows who she is.

  • I have a sweet tooth the size of the North American Continent, but I am not a pop drinker except ginger ale which I drink rarely. A six pack of Vernors Ginger Ale will last me six months.

  • The last cavity I had was in high school which is a major miracle considering the punishment my teeth have taken as a result of # 17. I got braces as an adult.

  • I often eat cereal for an evening snack. I never put sugar on my cereal and I always mix more than one kind. Plain Cheerios and Rice Chex are a favorite.

  • The older I get the less I like to cook.

  • There is a surfboard hanging from the ceiling in my bedroom.

  • I have been crocheting for thirty years but was always too embarrassed to admit it until several years ago.

  • I have over twelve thousand digital photos on my computer.

  • If I am told I MUST do something I usually don’t do it. I get that from my mom.

  • I get addicted easily to things that interest me – not drugs silly, stuff like scrapbooking, blogs, crafts, photoshop etc. That’s it, twenty five things, DONE.
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