Thursday, January 15, 2009

My pathetic little secret...

Admittedly I am stubborn and proud never wanting to ask for help and pretty much just as willing not to take it...except I am starting to freak out here because the truth will be noticeable soon.

The first day of Spring 2009 is March 20th. That is like a little over two months from now people!! Things are supposed to be waiting right about now under the ground to begin to sprout up multicolored beautiful blossoms on or about the first day of Spring and I got only the leftover bulbs that the people who owned the house before us planted. Otherwise it's a barren wasteland.

Winter time I'm calm -- no ones yard is expected to look good. Buried under two feet of snow everyone's yard looks the same. When the first warm temperatures of Spring arrive then the pressure happens. It's very obvious who planned ahead and who didn't .

After I darned near cut off my right index finger with the hedge trimmer, I pulled out the nasty spider web infested evergreens and planned to replace them with something more updated and less dangerous to maintain. That was 1997. I actually did put some other foliage in their place but planted them too close together for their size and had to remove them as well.

So that's the secret -- I stink at gardening and my yard looks pathetic as a result. Here's the deal -- I am posting the embarrassing photos of what I'm talking about and hoping for some help.

What I want is EASY and SIMPLE maintainence. I already tried planting sixty dozen ninety eight cent packs of annuals which cover the ground nicely but didn't live very long. I'm thinking some kind of hedge in the back to cover up the all essential cable tv wiring some idiot ran along the outside of the front of the house and maybe some color in the front.

I have no idea what would look good and not eventually grow 20 feet tall necessitating another removal. I don't mind doing some sweat labor to get it all in -- but I don't want to have to deal with it every day. Rocks and more rocks seemed like a good idea until I was reminded how much heat they aim back at the house. CAN YOU SEE MY PLIGHT???

I will take any and all suggestions and if I use your fabulous idea I will hug you at least twice and take you out to lunch to the venue of your choice -- or if you live out of town I will send you a gift card to your favorite restaurant and you can take yourself out to lunch.

I AM DEAD SERIOUS HERE -- I want a decent looking front yard this year. I am tired of the "looks like their planning to do something in that spot" look. I know some of you who read my blog are good at this stuff so please share some of your talent with me!

I've got two spots that need attention -- the front area and a smaller area on the side of the house. You can see what I mean in the photos which by the way are not photoshopped in any way -- what you see is the ugly naked truth.


Life as a Greenstreet said...

Wow...wish I could help you. I live in an apartment...for very very good reasons. When I finally have a house with any yard work it better come with a fabulous little yard boy to do it or it won't get done. Good luck!

Keolani said...

If you share your volunteer with me I'll split the cost of lunch with you.

Leslie said...

I'm not a gardening expert, or even very good at it. But what's worked for me is taking pictures of what I like (from magazines) to Mac's garden center in Pasco. Then they figure out what plants are in the picture and help me get what I need. In the past they've had adults who are extremely knowledgable working there, who can point me in the right direction if I've chosen something that is to high maintence or needs shade instead of sun etc.

Lisa said...

I like hostas - if your area is shady at all. They come in all sizes and require NO CARE. Put in a bush or two - like those barberries with prickles or a miniature Japanese Maple tree...
I only plant perennials. I figure once is enough and I don't have to deal with them anymore!

The Mom said...

Hey Friend,
OK not an expert here either, but have some ideas. I will email you some pictures of somethings I've done, not fancy but it works. Snapdragons are really hardy and pretty for a long time without any fuss. Planting Daylillies are cool because they come back year after year, very pretty.Also plant those pony packs! Zinnas are good ones. Let the plants grow, bloom and go to seed, they will be back again too, double the pretty!That's all I know. Luv Ya!