Monday, January 26, 2009

The Lights Work...

At last ... "my version" of the SpiderLite (a much less expensive version I might add) is finished. Actually there are two and they both work. The picture above shows all the parts purchased at my local hardware store (minus my tools) for just a little over $60.00 each (which is a savings of over $300.00 EACH)

I got the idea from a tutorial online making a few adjustments so that they could handle the actual Westcott TD5 bulb set up. I watched an entire episode of Monk and Psych while building these and wiring them up, so I'm guessing maybe two hours in all.

Here's what it looks like mounted on a stand with umbrella. The sand bag weights at the bottom of the stand were an easy sew and I filled them with wheat instead of sand.

WHY... you ask, did I make these???

Well... because I wanted to be able to take pictures of my kids and I'm intrigued with the idea of a "studio" lighting situations and how light can be played around with.

For my birthday Tim made me a backdrop. I originally looked at another constant lighting set (incandescent lights that were 500 watt each) but they were WAY TOO HOT and not enough actual light. Fortunately the store let me try them out to see if I'd like them ... and it turns out I didn't.

Then I found out about the SpiderLites which are flourescent lights and far cooler. Anyway, that's how it went and I borrowed some practicees this weekend and took some shots with my new lights. The girls were great sports and put up with my rookieness.

Here are a couple shots from the first session with homemade lights. What do you suggest I do with all the money I saved?


Life as a Greenstreet said...

That's AWESOME! McKay is so beautiful! Great pictures and VERY innovative of you to make your own light. I thought I was being resouceful cutting Emma's pants into shorts for the summer...LOL
Money saved? Duh- Chilis chips and salsa (every Friday for a very long time)

The Mom said...

How about a making another light and then with that savings added to the other, come to San Diego! Duh!

The Parrish Family said...

The first one of McKay is my favorite! What a great job!!!!